Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last month we visited Kaunas city, (Lithuania) with my girlfriend and I promised to post some of the photos that I took there. Here they are, hopefully you enjoy them!!

What I loved the most about Kaunas was that of course it was cheap country to visit. (We were living 5-10€ per person a day eating and drinking outside!) But you could also see the old buildings near the new ones. This really inspired me to take some street photos with my olympus e-p3 + 17mm f2.8 lens that I used all the time. It turned out to be perfect combo for the street photos.

Kaunas is really green, full of old interesting buildings (that I already mentioned) with lots of textures that should interest all the photographers out there! Cheap beer, a round 1 euro 0,5 liters when ordered from a bar. Not to mention the food which is also really cheap and really good there. So if you are on a budget and still wanna visit some country, this would be a good choice!

Let the photos tell rest of the story!

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